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Horizons Law Group, LLC is one of the leading law firms in Wisconsin providing dedicated attorneys who encompass a wide range of legal experience with specialized knowledge in divorce, family law, foreclosure defense, student loan options, mediation, probate, and wills and trusts.

Our attorneys understand that you’re dealing with a great deal of stress and upheaval which is why we focus on educating you about your legal matters and provide a comfortable, friendly and low-stress atmosphere to choose the level of service that suits you.

The dedication of Horizons Law Group to its clientele stems from the firm’s founder Michelle Fitzgerald’s new vision and refreshing approach to empower clients by offering fee options and customized full legal services, or hourly attorney time called unbundled (limited scope) legal services such as coaching, counseling on your legal matter, or mediation services.

The success of Michelle’s vision and approach to empower clients has lead to another popular innovation, Take-a-Lawyer-to-Lunch SM, as a way to get to know your Horizons Law Group attorney before deciding to retain or to get some direction and answers before proceeding.

With Horizons Law Group on your side, you can expect personalized attention, a commitment to your legal needs and the best outcome possible.


Educational Workshop – Why Estate Planning is Necessary & Affordable Option…

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Horizons’ Latest News

Bigsby making a difference by fighting for the ‘little person

LAURIE BIGSBY | HORIZONS LAW GROUP Bigsby making a difference by fighting for the ‘little person’ 2017 Women In The Law Recipient The burden of student-loan debt continues to loom over thousands of students in Wisconsin. Yet, few attorneys are taking steps to deal with the situation. Enter Laurie Bigsby, who has practiced in this new area of law […]



Horizons Law Group encompasses a wide range of legal services featuring but not limited to…

Divorce & Family Law
Divorce & Family Law

The outcome depends, in part, on the choice you make to go through your divorce, from MEDIATION, COLLABORATIVE, PRO SE (FORMS) SERVICE, or LITIGATION, our services can meet your needs…

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Consumer Debt Disputes
Consumer Debt Disputes

Debt overwhelming your family? FORECLOSURE, STUDENT LOAN Debt, Credit Cards? Fair Debt Collection violations? Chapter 7 or 13 BANKRUPTCY or WI 128? Our legal team can assess your best options…

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Estate & Probate
Estate & Probate

Need a WILL? Want to avoid PROBATE? Considering a TRUST? Need POWER OF ATTORNEY documents? Our attorneys work with you to provide what you need. Nothing more. Flat fees. We can guide you…

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Take-a-Lawyer-to-Lunch Program

Try Our lunchTake-a-Lawyer-to-Lunch is another value added reason to consider Horizons Law Group.

For the price of lunch, you can have an hour of an attorney’s time.

This is a great way to get to know the lawyer before deciding to retain or to get some direction and answers before proceeding.

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Horizons Law Group’s attorneys specialize in diverse areas to empower our Clients

Michelle Fitzgerald
Owner, Estate Planning, Divorce, Collaborative Divorce, Divorce Mediation, Consumer Law, New Business Start-up, Probate and Guardianships

(262) 432-3600

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Laurie Bigsby
Consumer Law, Student Loan Defense, Bankruptcy, Real Estate, Wills, Probate and Litigation

(262) 432-3600

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Larraine McNamara-McGraw
Foreclosure Defense and Employment Law

(262) 432-3600

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Lilah Zajac
Family/Child Support/Custody, Divorce, Consumer Law, Bankruptcy, Consumer Debt Advocate, Chapter 128, Wills and Civil Law

(262) 432-3600

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