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Many People Who File for Bankruptcy in Milwaukee, WI Probably Have Expensive Medical Bills

The majority of people who file for bankruptcy do so because of unpaid medical bills. More than half a million U.S. residents file for this reason annually, according to CNBC. Yet some 80 percent of those people actually have health insurance. It’s a definite sign that there are still serious problems with the affordability of essential health care in the United States. Lawyers who assist clients who want to file for bankruptcy in Milwaukee, WI assure those individuals there is nothing to be embarrassed about.

The option is available to allow citizens to get a new start when they really need one.

Being trapped in a web of debt is detrimental not only to the person and their family but to society in general. This individual typically winds up defaulting on payments, paying collection agencies, and paying high amounts of interests. They pay for the bare minimum of necessities, such as electricity and food, with credit cards. Money that would normally be directed to purchasing goods and services, thus stimulating the economy, instead is directed to these financial obligations.

In addition, the stress tends to be enormous. The person works as much as possible, feels humiliated about the situation, and loses sleep. There’s not enough money to eat healthy meals or to take a much-needed vacation. They feel bewildered because they thought they were doing everything right, but now the roof has caved in. It’s no wonder that many people eventually hire an attorney and file bankruptcy.

Large numbers of individuals try to do the right thing by buying health insurance even if it’s hard to afford it. They have to choose a policy with a high deductible and a significant co-pay amount. High deductibles mean low premiums, but they also mean huge bills if something catastrophic happens.

Having to pay $5,000 or $10,000 for a deductible when someone’s annual income is less than $40,000 a year is challenging, and often impossible. Anyone who can no longer figure out a way to juggle all their bills and is facing financial ruin may contact Horizons Law Group, LLC to learn about the options available.

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