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Lilah Zajac

Family/Child Support/Custody, Divorce, Consumer Law, Bankruptcy, Consumer Debt Advocate, Chapter 128, Wills and Civil Law
Lilah-ZajacLilah joined Horizons Law Group, LLC in 2002.

She graduated from University of Louisville’s Brandeis School of Law where she was a member of the Law Journal.

The Wisconsin Access to Justice Commission is pleased to recopro-bono-logo-lzgnize Lilah in the 2015 Wisconsin Pro Bono Honor Society. She distinguished herself by providing at least 50 hours of qualifying pro bono legal services in 2015 to assist people of limited means.

DIVORCE and BANKRUPTCY is a unique combination that makes Lilah’s practice that much valuable and insightful for clients. Many divorce clients are facing debt issues that also need to be addressed. Divorce clients oftentimes do not realize their options for bankruptcy, nor the planning that my be needed in combination with their divorce. Lilah receives referrals from other family law attorneys who trust her to work with their divorce clients, with a full service approach including working with the attorney as to timing, explaining how the bankruptcy solves some problems in their client’s divorce or frees up some income to be applied towards child support or maintenance to the other party, or analyzing whether there are some non-bankruptcy alternatives that will better suite the individual.

CHAPTER 128 Plans to help clients repay debt without filing a bankruptcy. Chapter 128 is a Wisconsin debt payment program that allows for repayment of debts at 0% interest, with one payment per month to a trustee. It works well for parties that just need time to pay their debts. A Chapter 128 repays your debt in an organized fashion, which may help your credit rating. The cost to file a Chapter 128 is much less than a federal bankruptcy. There are many benefits to consider a Chapter 128, and Lilah can help you decide what is best for your situation. Call today for more information 262-432-3600

CONSUMER, CIVIL, WILLS and other areas that Lilah covers make her an advocate focused on client’s needs. Whether it is a car repossession, small or large claim consumer matter, or preparing power of attorney forms and updated Wills, Lilah can discuss your options to best suit your needs.

BRIEF WRITING is a favorite of Lilah’s. Many attorneys do not have time (or the desire) to do research and write a brief on a matter citing relevant case law and controlling statutes. Lilah enjoys doing research and applying it to a client’s set of facts. Lilah is highly regarded by other attorneys for her knowledge, research and brief writing skills. If you or your attorney need to submit a brief to the court on a legal topic, Lilah’s services may be an option. Oftentimes a flat fee can be quoted for the work as well. No need to stress over having to do legal research and brief writing when Lilah is only a phone call away. 262-432-3600

Lilah is a member of the State Bar of Wisconsin and is a volunteer at the Marquette University Law Clinic at the House of Peace. She is a lifelong resident of Milwaukee and returned here to practice. Lilah previously had a long career in the stained glass field in Milwaukee, including teaching at Milwaukee Area Technical College. Lilah has three adult children and twin grandchildren.