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Self Representation

Horizons Law Group offers many services to help you do-it-yourself for an uncontested matter (also called self-representation or “pro se”). Our service ranges from forms and books to clerk assistance with forms or unbundled attorney assistance (coaching and consulting) and flat fee services. You can also use a combination of our services to best suit your needs.

Pro Se (no attorney)

For an uncontested matter, avoid the hassle of attempting to wade through the process and forms for divorce by using our legal forms assistance service for divorce. This is a full-service package including assistance with completion of the forms and we even file the forms for you at the courthouse! Why spend your weekends trying to wade through the many forms and learning what is needed?   With our hassle-free service, we make the divorce process go smoothly. Even if you have all issues agreed-upon for your divorce, you will save hours and hours of your time with this service. Please call us today 262-432-3600 for pricing and to make an appointment to get started.

If you would like to consult with an attorney to go over all of your legal concerns or coach you through the divorce process, please call our office to make an appointment. You can still use the pro se forms assistance service described above, but add on the consult time with the attorney. You can choose your level of service from a one-time consultation to mediation, or full legal representation.

Legal Coaching or Legal Consulting

Legal coaching and consulting (also called unbundled legal services) is ideal if you are attempting to handle a matter on your own but still want the legal advice and review of your legal issue. Whether you are preparing for a small claims case, going it alone through your divorce, or want a second opinion of your legal matter, legal coaching and legal consulting may be the right fit for you.

What types of things can be done with legal coaching and consulting? – Review of proposed settlement agreements – Preparation or response to settlement conference – Discovery assistance – Preparation of Exhibits for court – Brief written for the court


Mediation is a great way to reduce legal fees and settle matters quickly. Both parties must agree to participate in mediation, and do NOT need to have agreements in order to do mediation. The attorney mediator assists the parties in reaching an agreement including suggesting alternative ideas that may meet both parties needs. A mediator does not represent either party and cannot mediate any dispute where one party has been represented by that mediator (or law firm). See our Client Services page for more information.

If you would like to pursue mediation as an option, please contact us in person. We can take care of speaking to the other party and attorneys to find out if they are willing to participate.