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Foreclosure Defense

Relief IS possible!


Are you facing a foreclosure or possible foreclosure soon? Many people, including professionals, will tell you that there is nothing you can do if you are behind in payments. However, that is no longer true. If your case is pre-foreclosure, mortgage loan underwater, or upside down mortgage loan, or recently filed foreclosure, it is possible that we can offer a defense to your foreclosure. Even if you are working on a modification, you MUST respond to the foreclosure to preserve possible defenses. If you are past that point, it is still worth talking to us to see if we are able to offer a defense. We can also assist in pre-foreclosure advice and planning, including alternatives to foreclosure. There are many options with foreclosure and foreclosure defense.


” Just wanted to express our thanks to Larraine and Horizons for her help with our home legal matter. Persistence has paid off as the loan company provided my wife and I yesterday with an approved plan to save our home and start over with new loan terms (at $800 less a month!). Larraine was a tremendous help and a great support for us in this incredibly stressful process. – Ron”

Will the bank work with me? No, not to stop the foreclosure. Foreclosure departments process their own documents, entirely separate from modification departments. The two departments are not coordinated and you should NOT rely on a modification going through before the foreclosure is complete. You should also not ignore foreclosure filings or deadlines because the bank or others tell you not to worry about these. There is NO guarantee your modification will go through. The banks either work out the modification with you or take the home back to resell. Either way, your legal rights are unprotected and you could lose the home you were trying to save. You may have spent thousands to update, remodel, or repair the home which is lost to you and the bank.

In the meantime… You may not be aware that your mortgage had been previously bundled and sold, and the company filing foreclosure against you may not be the legal owner of the note and mortgage. Any of the above may apply to your home loan and allow you to defend against a foreclosure. You may be so stressed you are considering bankruptcy, foreclosure defense is an alternative. If after discussing alternatives to foreclosure, you are still considering bankruptcy, we provide those services as well.

What to do? Saving your home from foreclosure is a possibility for anyone who has experienced a job loss, medical or health issues, divorce, death of a spouse, etc. Legal defense of your foreclosure can offer you RELIEF with the possibility of saving the home you have invested in, and in a neighborhood you choose to live in. The ultimate goal of each homeowner may be different, but rest assured, you may have legal options to meet those goals. Please call today 262-432-3600 and speak to one of our Attorneys practicing in this area.

Seniors & Foreclosure… The elderly person facing a foreclosure has options as well. You do NOT need to move out of your home immediately. Consultation with an experienced attorney who can advise you or your elderly parent on the legal defenses and options with foreclosure is critical. Speaking early on or before the foreclosure if filed is critical. Call today 262-432-3600.

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