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Divorce & Family Law

Divorce is a difficult time in anyone’s life. While we can’t change the circumstances, we can help reduce the stress during this time by educating you about the process and informing you about various options. The choices you make now will impact your family and finances for years to come. Making the best choices can happen only after knowing all of the options available to you. Each family is different and, therefore, what you read online, or hear that your neighbor, friend, or co-worker did may not apply to your situation because of your unique set of circumstances. This may be in terms of finances, debts, ages of your children, or yourselves, retirement options that are available (commonly misunderstood area in divorce) and tax consequences of each of these options. Our attorneys can guide you through the divorce or legal separation process either with al a carte legal coaching, full representation with the traditional approach, or divorce mediation or collaborative law .

Mediation: This method utilizes a neutral third party that is trained to help the parties reach an amicable agreement concerning child custody and property.

Collaborative divorce: With this method both parties are represented by their attorneys but are committed to resolving all issues through four-way meetings instead of court hearings.



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