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Consumer Dispute Services

Have a dispute with a creditor, car loan, student loan, contractor, or error on your credit report? Our attorneys are experienced in representing consumers against large banks and companies. To see if you have a legal claim, please call us today. There is no charge for an initial review. 262-432-3600.

Foreclosure Defense

Facing a foreclosure or will be soon? You CAN defend against is and save the investment in your home. You should respond to it even if you are working on a modification, as that process will NOT stop the foreclosure. Please see our foreclosure page for more information.

Student Loan Resolutions

Have overwhelming student loan debt? You DO have solutions available. Please see our Student Loan Debt page for more information.


Dispute with Business or Creditor?

Our attorneys offer a 20-minute no charge consultation to see if we can take on your case.

Many civil cases can be taken on for no fee up front if attorneys fees are mandatory for the type of legal dispute or if the attorney can take on the case on a contingency basis. Oftentimes consumers may think their dispute is trivial – such as creditor harassment, or a defective product, however, many times our attorneys are able to pursue a just result for the consumer.

Please call to make an appointment to see if your case can be pursued.

Take-a-Lawyer-to-Lunch™ Also too good to pass up! For the price of a lunch, you can have an hour of a lawyer’s time. This is a great way to get to know a lawyer before hiring him/her for your sensitive legal matter.

Examples of types of consumer disputes are:

• Home Improvement Disputes
• Car/Vehicle Disputes & vehicle repossession
• Non-disclosure of Financing Terms
• Creditor Harassment
• Deceptive Sales/Advertising Practices
• Mortgage Reporting Errors

The list above is only a sampling. Please call to make an appointment to review your consumer situation. Bring all documentation with you regarding your issue. Be open to questions from the attorney that may not seem related to your issue of concern as sometimes the attorney can spot an issue that is legally prohibited but may not be the issue you are disputing.