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Fees and Payment Options

We offer either traditional hourly legal services or flat fee legal services in popular areas such as bankruptcy, divorce and real estate. Credit cards are also accepted for flat fees or hourly service options to maximize your payment options when considering our lawyer services.

How Do Flat Fees Work? Flat fees are typically paid up front. The benefit to the client is that the legal fees are capped at that amount even if the time spent by the attorney goes over the amount paid. The benefit to the attorney is that the fees do not need to be collected later. Another benefit, especially in mediation cases, is reduced stress in each mediation session as parties can be free to focus on creative solutions, rather than focusing on the clock which creates pressure on one or both parties and limits the ability to be creative and consider all interests and settlement options. Flat fees typically cover a matter through settlement. A separate fee can be quoted for trial or contested court hearings.

Is Hourly a Better Option? Hourly billing may be better depending on your matter. A retainer deposit is required (generally $1,500 – $3,000 or higher for non-routine issue) so that money is on hand to pay each invoice. Any remaining funds are returned upon conclusion of the case. Monthly invoicing shows the work performed and the time charge for that task. Hourly clients are billed for all time on a case such as phone calls, letters written, court hearings, settlement meetings, client meetings, file review, and so on. Adequate funds need to remain on hand at all times until the conclusion of the case.

Coaching & Consulting Fees Please see our Legal Coaching and Consulting page for these flexible legal services.

Free Services We offer many services free or at no charge, such as our notary public service and brief initial phone consult.

Initial Consults In several legal areas, we offer a brief initial consult at no-charge, either in the office or over the phone. New clients can also utilize our Take-a-Lawyer-to-Lunch program. If you need more time, you can pay for some additional attorney services. If you want specific legal documents reviewed or analyzed, legal fees apply accordingly.