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Client Comments

Just wanted to express our thanks to Larraine and Horizons for her help with our home legal matter. Persistence has paid off as the loan company provided my wife and I yesterday with an approved plan to save our home and start over with new loan terms (at $800 less a month!). Larraine was a tremendous help and a great support for us in this incredibly stressful process.

I can’t believe that you’ll give me actual advice and direction and I only have to pay for the time we spend together. This is such a great service.

I appreciate your honesty about my options and the information you provide about how to proceed on my own if I want to.

This attorney was great. She kept him abreast of everything and even handled a dispute with our insurance company for no additional charge.

Your service is so unique. You shouldn’t have to advertise your services – they speak for themselves.

It’s great that there is finally a place that we can come to for information and/or attorney assistance without the pressure to hire an attorney.

Is this a franchise?” [no] “Are you thinking of franchising?” [yes]

I wish you all the success in the world.